Thanksgiving 2012 Menu

Every time we share a meal together, Chris Ann and I write the menu on our chalkboards. She writes hers on the chalkboard I gave her before our family left the country. It use to hang over the counter at our coffee shop, Jahva House. I love that it hangs in her house. I love that a piece that represented an important era in our friendship journey, falls on her eyes every day. It hangs in the center of her home where her kids sometimes put up their own messages.

But, the culture of writing a menu on the chalkboard was one that I have always loved. We have written Christmas Party menus, Dinner Feast menus, Birthday menus and even simple luncheon menus on chalkboards throughout the years. I had Devon create one for me, out of an old vintage frame that now hangs in my dining room.

Sometimes it holds sayings that are meant to inspired or messages to my family. But, this week, it holds our Thanksgiving Menu for 2012.

Whats on your Thanksgiving Menu this year?


  1. […] My family has celebrated Thanksgiving twice this week.  We’ve shared a feast with friends and we’ve shared a feast with our family.  Traditionally both Kristin’s husband, Devon and my husband, Todd cook the turkey dinners in both of our homes.  Most Thanksgivings they consult eachother over the phone about what brine concoction to soak the turkey in or what type of booze they are adding to the gravy.  This year Kristin’s husband outdid himself with a beautiful bird.  In case you missed it, you can see the menu including their Roasted Turkey with Cherry Orange Glaze HERE. […]