The Baby

The Thanksgiving Baby He walked in with the baby.  It looked like it was at least 30 lbs.  It was round and plump and it quickly took me back to another place and time.  Italy in 2007.  It was night and we wound our way around the twisty Florence roads (it was somewhere near the Piazzale Michelangelo).  On the right we noticed a sign.  It looked quaint and tucked away.  We pulled in and parked the car.  As we descended down the steps, an Eden of a back yard unfolded before our eyes!  There were maybe eight tables set up and set aglow by candlelight.  We were casually greeted by the hostess, who we later found out was the co owner (with her husband) of this gem of a restaurant.  She took us to our table.  It was nestled in under a tree and surrounded with blooming roses.  We settled in for what promised to be one of the highlight meals of our trip.  It was euphoric to say the least.  We have tried to recall the menu.  Much to our shame, it blurred into a memory of wonder.  The two items that we can recall was the baby and two, the complimentary glasses of homemade limoncello…both of which deserve their own posting.  This post is about the first!  The baby!  After we had indulged in a number of pasta dishes, the owner chef, came out with the baby.  It was a 2 pound slab of raw beef.  The chef unveiled it for us with the pride of new father.  We agreed to “The Baby” and poured another glass of vino while we waited for the baby to be finished.  We enjoyed that piece of meat.  It was roasted to perfection and seasoned with simplicity.  I don’t remember if we finished the baby, but it left an impression.  That impression came flooding back as our friend Albert walked in with our 30 pound baby…the Thanksgiving turkey.  As all of you know, it becomes the center of attention and when it is pulled out of the oven, it is displayed like a newborn for all the world, or your guests to see!  Here is our menu…but, I have to admit, while we sat around that table, with friends from all over the world (Korea, Holland, Morocco and America were represented) the highlight was wrapped up in the moment, and the memory that was created with The Baby as the center of the show!

Potler Thanksgiving 2008 Menu:

Pomegranate/quince glazed Baby

Garlic buttermilk mashed potatoes

Cognac (and I mean Cognac) gravy!

Baked scalloped sweet potatoes with fennel

Roasted Root veggies with a melange of red and golden beets, turnips and parsnips

Sundried tomato, walnut and sausage stuffing with fresh sage

Steamed broccoli

Angel biscuits

Homemade apple pie

Homemade pumpkin pie

Homemade Hubbard squash pie