The Day You Wake Up and Realize…

The night before, I knew something was brewing. My 16 year old son (AKA Baker Boy) was clearing off my dining room table and beginning to “re-tablescape”. He had scraps of fabric, tablecloths, candles and flowers out, arranging and rearranging. It was almost midnight. I gave him a hug and kiss and went to bed to leave him to his creativity. IMG_6883 The next morning, with a the rattle and hum of a budding chef in the kitchen, my husband and I awoke. The pungent waft of dark, brewed coffee was better than any wake up call. I rubbed my eyes, slipped on my comfy slippers and opened the door to find the cheeriest, spring table embracing me! IMG_6886 Baker Boy had color coordinated, layered with texture, added subtle elements of interest and had multiple bowls, whisks, spoons and spatulas stirring, mixing and baking. “Morning mom!” he greeted. IMG_6913 I gave him a hug and said, “What is all this?” “I decided to make a huge brunch for everyone. I even called Kaya (our college kid) and invited him over this morning. He’ll be here soon. Everyone will be here sitting around the table!” He went on to share how he likes to have everyone together and because he couldn’t decide on what to make, there were homemade blueberry scones in the oven, homemade waffles giving off their steam in the waffle iron… IMG_6889 …there was crispy bacon, scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage, so everyone could have their pick. IMG_6890 He even made fruit salad and whipped up a batch of homemade whipped cream along with cinnamon, apple syrup to drizzle on the waffles. I’m not even kidding. This kid pulled out all the stops. IMG_6892 He timed the food perfectly. His girlfriend showed up at our door (another surprise guest) along with his older brother. He invited us all to take a seat. He poured the coffee and had us all join hands. My heart was overflowing with joy at this moment. Not only had my teenager learned how to set a lovely table and prepare a delicious meal, but over the years he had gleaned the subtle nuances of what it really meant to gather around the table. Here he was, intentionally gathering his people for the sole purpose of being together. We lingered, we laughed and savored every moment. IMG_6897


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