The Godfather Would be Proud!

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So, as you can see, we’ve been a bit absent…sorry, folks!  We’d like to say we were traveling the world searching for the finest culinary creations, or sharing meals with celebrities…reality?  We were sucked into the “back to school year vortex!”  You would think we’d never sent 8 kids to school!  We lost track of time!

We apologize! (Not very Godfather like!)

As we reentered the blogging world, Elizabeth (fellow blog writer) filled us in on what we had missed!  We were nominated for the Mobbie award in the favorite foodie blog category at the Baltimore Sun!  What an honor!  (Honestly, we are shocked and a bit embarrassed we didn’t even know!)  Thank you Elizabeth!!  As Michael Corleone says, “Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.”  So, we send you our love, Elizabeth and say, “May they best man win!”

This is how the job will go down…click here.  Set up a quick account with the Sun paper (it’s easy).  Then vote!  You can vote for best foodie category and best overall category.  You can vote once a day until October 9 at 5 p.m.

Why should you vote for us?  We promise this year, at LoveFeast Table, we’ll be laying out some fun, new surprises!  We are actually kicking it up a knotch!  We promise to continue to entertain you with our daily antics!  Make you drool with our delectable dishes!  And disappoint you when our daily lives take over and we slack a bit on getting posts up!  We also plan on taking you on a few adventures!  Introducing you to the things that inspire us!  And inviting some of our friends to join us here, to share their stories!  It may all be a bit vague…we promise more details in the near future!  For now, you will have to take us at our word!

We are making you an offer you cannot refuse!


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