The Heart Of Savoring Beauty ~ Giving

A couple of years ago Kristin and I did some promotional work for a lovely hotel in Playa del Carmen called Azul Sensatori.  During our trip we visited a Children’s Home that friends of Kristin and Devon’s, Mike and Terrill, had been working on for about ten years.  It was the perfect time to see the progress that had happened over the years, with our own eyes.

After our first visit my husband had the inspiration to invite his company to get involved with this project.  That inspiration became the beginning of yearly trips during his company’s sales meetings.  You see it is not hard to want to help a community that takes such pride in their homes, be they ever so humble and their children and families.

My husband Todd and I have been back 3 times total, including a trip with our children.   We just returned a few weeks ago from our 2nd trip with Todd’s company, Capstone, which is a children’s book publisher.  We spent a day handing out books in the surrounding shanty town area, working on the grounds, and helping make and serve meals to the children and families in that community.
















We have an idea of how we would like to involve our LoveFeast Table community as well.  Kristin and I knew right away, the first time we visited, where we wanted to contribute.  We then decided that we would take on  The Kitchen Project. We want to help pull together the people, brands, and resources need to fulfill the dream of having a kitchen at the Children’s Home.  There are plans in place for a fully built out kitchen, clean water and beautiful community gardens.  When the time is right ~ we are looking forward to supporting this vision.

This cinder block shell of a building will become a vibrant kitchen that will serve children and the community.

We really want to do more together with our community here at LoveFeast Table.  We want to inspire savoring a beautiful life.  Sometimes that can be to enjoy beautiful things, the kinds of items we gather in our LoveFeast Shop.  But, we truly believe that savoring a beautiful life is just not about savoring external beauty ~ even if it brings some joy.  Lasting beauty is what the eye cannot see, and that means living in a way that is about giving.  We think being a part of making something beautiful for someone else ~ is a lasting gift of beauty.

We want you to be a part of making those kind of dreams for someone else ~ with us.

We have already extended ourselves with the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack effort to raise $24000 for a Mobile Pack unit to feed starving children.  But, we did want to share a peek into what else we would love to do in the coming years.  We know that these types of dreams don’t happen over night.  It’s a process and a journey.

You never know when you give someone a gift what beautiful new path it might put them on…

We hope you join us on these endeavors!!  Let’s together, help make something beautiful for someone else!

If you have ideas, connections, can right a post, or send  information to a friend, about either our project with Feed My Starving Children or The Kitchen Project, we would truly be thankful.

You can visit our LoveFeast Mobile Pack donation page HERE.

You can grab a badge and help spread the word HERE.

Let’s, together, make 2012 about savoring something truly beautiful – let’s REACH for the unseen beautiful something – Giving.