The Story Of How We Made It Into Rome

Lately we have had the travel bug bad.  Granted, we have had a get-away weekend with the GE Momsperience. But, for us that never cures the fever it actually infects us with more need to roam.  Kristin likes to think we’re nomads or gypsys at heart!  We don’t let much stop us from travel.  We have 9 kids between our two families.  Every couple of years we find time to go with just the 4 of us.  This past year we went to Cancun.  Did we ever tell you about the time we went to Italy with a baby?

Did we ever share about how we made it into Rome?  Even though Devon, Kristin’s husband promised not to go over 100 miles an hour?  Even though we didn’t know where our apartment was?  Even though our tiny car barely made it down the tiny streets?  Did you know that our inside joke is to hold your nose like this when you’ve just about had enough?















On that trip we found out that Devon is a multi-tasking driver that can ramp a curve to switch lanes, avoid crashes involving motorcycles and semis and site-see while driving fast enough to keep up with any Italian.  And my husband Todd, can pick up any language instantaneously and therefore can speak perfectly fluent Italian when seeking direction from locals.  Kristin and I can provide a sound track worthy of any high flying roller coaster ride.  It was a joint effort.







Our thrill ride into the city of Rome landed us with a lurch almost miraculously on a sidewalk of a street right behind this wonder at the perfect time to meet the landlord of our rental apartment.  It stands my hair on end just to think about it.

What are some of your favorite travel memories?


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