The Traveling Cookbook ~ Bake at 350

We are excited to be on the journey of raising $24000 for a Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack to provide 100,000 meals for starving children.  To raise attention for this project we have started The Traveling Cookbook.  We are thrilled to have been able to share the talents and heart of wonderful bloggers who have generously blogged for our project.    You can see where The Traveling Cookbook has been HERE.  Today’s post comes from Bridget from Bake At 350. She is the 4th stop for The Traveling Cookbook. 

I was so beyond thrilled to receive the Traveling Cookbook from my friend Wendy.  This is what makes a good mail day, right?  The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook in a cute little bag; the book filled with doodles, love, and notes from other bloggers along the way.
I own a copy of Ree’s book, and still I had to read through it several times to decide what to make.  This cookbook is one of my favorites because it’s not only a cookbook, it’s a glimpse into Ree’s life on the ranch.  It makes me want to pack up my bags and move from the suburbs and onto the prairie.

Chicken Spaghetti.  My mom made it when we were growing up and it was always so delicious and comforting. I wanted to try Ree’s version.

I have two pictures of it…

….one, the broken spaghetti noodles,

….two, the unbaked dish.

There are no more pictures because we DEVOURED it immediately.  My son actually got up out of his chair and bowed to me.  BOWED!!!

Next, we moved onto the chocolate sheet cake.  Around these parts, cakes like this are called “Texas Sheet Cake,”  and it took me several times of reading the recipe before I realized Ree did not use the word Texas in the title. 😉

Just to be fancy, I toasted the pecans for the icing before baking the cake.

For this recipe, you make the frosting while the cake is baking and pour it on the hot cake.  One word of advice, wait until the cake has been in the oven about 5 minutes or so BEFORE starting the icing….or you may end up like me.  Like me as in, grabbing every clean spoon in the house and “testing” the icing straight out of the pan.  I’m actually surprised we had any icing left for the actual cake.

No surprise, Ree knows her stuff.  My husband who “doesn’t like cake” ate two pieces of this per day for several days.  We also took a platter of it to a junior high event where it was loved by students, teachers and parents alike.

Now that we’ve happily gained 10 pounds, the book is moving on…to Teresa of Blooming on Bainbridge.  You’ve not lived until you’ve spent a day with Teresa on Bainbridge Island.  I can’t wait to see Teresa work her magic on the Traveling Cookbook!



Bridget has been decorating cookies for over a decade and eating them for as long as she can remember.  A self-taught decorator, she shares her secrets and tutorials on the blog, Bake at 350.  Her first book is due out in the fall of 2012.