The Traveling Cookbook ~ Coming Soon!

Collaboration thrills us!  There is something about the synergy of bringing a bunch of different people to the table to create and watch what will emerge from coming together.

We want to introduce you to a project we are embarking on called The Traveling Cookbook.  The Traveling Cookbook is a project that will gather stories from many blogger’s tables around recipes and food shared from a featured cookbook.  We chose The Pioneer Woman Cooks (with Ree Drummond’s blessing) as our first book to send on it’s journey.   Kristin is right now, busy working on three recipes in the cookbook.  She is cooking, whisking, serving and sharing up those recipes to her friends and family.  When she is done, she will “scrapbook” in the cookbook  The Pioneer Woman Cooks on the pages of the recipes she prepares.  She will share snippets of the conversation, or photos, sketches or notes.  After she is finished, the cookbook will be carefully wrapped up, slid into a box and mailed to a fellow blogger. (Who will it be?  Well that’s a secret for now!)   That fellow blogger will then repeat the steps and send the book on again.

This adventure will be filled with serendipity.  We will not know where The Traveling Cookbook will go, who will receive it and who will gather around a table and celebrate with it!

While we are not sure where the journey will take this cookbook, we know where it will end up.  When the last blogger is finished, the book will end up back at LoveFeast Table looking a little bit differently than it did when it first went out.  We will have a piece of art and really,  a piece of each person’s heart.  At this point the book, will be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to benefit the LoveFeast Table’s MobilePackTM Project we are hosting for Feed My Starving Children.

We will be posting more about this project as it unfolds.  There will be a badge you can grab that will be linked to a donation page directly for our project with Feed My Starving Children.  Our goal is to raise $24,000 dollars needed to pay for a Feed My Starving Children MobilePackTM unit.  This mobile unit, will make 100,000 meals to be given to children who are starving around the world.

We are bubbling with excitement as we launch The Traveling Cookbook Project into the world.  We invite you to follow it’s journey, the bloggers that share their stories and we hope that we can all gather around the “virtual” table and offer up  meals to children in need.  We hope you participate ~ you’ll end up being a part of the story.

Please join us at the table ~

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  1. Oh wow! I LOVE this!!!! I would love to participate. 🙂

  2. LOVE this idea! How fun!

  3. Too cute! I would love to be involved!

  4. Count me in! What a beautiful project all the way around! You 2 are such a blessing to so many people. A true servants heart.

    • Thanks Janelle! We’ll be getting more info out next week. We’re excited and nervous all at the same time!

  5. Let’s meet in the kitchen!

  6. I love this idea and will be watching for details on participation!
    xo, Anita

  7. Pioneer Woman cooks on Food Network this weekend. Good timing to get her book going as part of what you guys are doing! Look forward to hearing more and reading about the adventure. Many recipes are great..and many will give you a heart attack…yay for butter and cream!!! Love it.

  8. This is SUCH a great idea!! Can’t wait to follow it.

  9. Sharliss Arnold says:

    So cool and I am excited to see the next step. I will be watching and waiting to see how to participate. Thanks for this Heart Idea!

  10. Collaboration thrills me, too! I love this project and am eager to hear more about it. Thank you for popping into my blog. It reminds me how nourished I feel when I am surrounded by fellow foodies who enjoy the kitchen and all the magic it holds.

  11. I am thrilled and excited for you guys and your collaboration. I hope that many more blessings follow you. Oh, I also wanted you to know that I am showing you guys some blog love on my site under “Links.” I am still new, but I will figure out how to out you guys on the front page very soon!


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