The Traveling Cookbook~She Wears Many Hats

When Chris Ann and Kristin contacted me about The Traveling Cookbook coming my way, I couldn’t wait to participate in such a fun project. The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook showed up at my door, in a handmade bag, with trimmings and such. The LoveFeast Table ladies sure do know how to add that special touch. So cute.

Trying to decide what to cook first wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Ree’s cookbook is chock full of tempting things. I finally chose the Hot Artichoke Dip, and Ree’s famous Cinnamon Rolls. It was the first time I tried that Hot Artichoke Dip recipe, and it certainly turned out yummy. I served it for a get-together with some of my friends. The Cinnamon Rolls were a no-brainer. I picked them because not only were they the first recipe I made from Ree’s cookbook, but they were the first cinnamon rolls I had ever made from scratch. I remember that day well.

My kitchen was a disaster, but the cinnamon rolls weren’t.

I made other batches to freeze for friends for holiday gifts. It’s so nice to share homemade goodies. I sure know I like to receive them!

I’m not all that good at scrapbooking, but I can doodle. So I got to doodling on those recipes pages, then added a few comments and notes. Doodling is fun y’all.

Speaking of homes, The Traveling Cookbook is headed just down the road to the home of Robyn, from Add a Pinch. She can cook up a storm, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she whips up.

I can’t wait to see how the book turns out, and where it finds a home in the end. Be sure to keep following The Traveling Cookbook, who knows where it will be headed next?

 We want to thank Amy for sharing in The Traveling Cookbook journey.  Visit Amy at her table, She Wears Many Hats.


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