The Traveling Cookbook~Wenderly

Today’s post comes from Wendy at Wenderly’s. She is the third stop for The Traveling Cookbook. It’s last stop was at Add a Pinch and also She Wears Many Hats. Follow it’s journey HERE

From the moment I had received the beautiful package from my sweet friend Robyn that contained The Traveling Cookbook I knew just what I wanted to make. Breakfast on the weekends has always been a special family time at our house. One can always wake up to smell the warm earthy aroma of coffee brewing and hear the heavy cast iron griddle banging on top of the stove for pancakes. This past weekend was particularly special since it happened to New New Year’s! What a better way to kick off the New Year than to make a couple of Ree’s hearty and delicious breakfast recipes, right?

We started with Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes. I had so much fun decorating the recipe.

Let me just tell you that these little gems will make your heart flutter.

They are light & fluffy and…

so quick and easy to make.

Mouthwatering little slices of heaven I tell you.

As if the pancakes weren’t enough we also indulged in the Basic Breakfast Potatoes. OH MY! Golden cubes of hearty potatoes sautéed with onions and topped off with a smattering of paprika.

It was sublime. The perfect way to begin the day not to mention the New Year. You can bet that these pancakes and potatoes will become a staple at our breakfast table!

So guess what? The fun and delicious adventure continues as The Traveling Cookbook is on its way to the so sweet and super talented Bridget, from Bake at 350! Bridget is a baking queen! You’ve never seen cookies so adorable in your life and she is as darling as her confections. I just can’t wait to see all the deliciousness that she’ll create.

I was so honored to be a part of this special project! I can’t wait to watch the exciting journey that The Traveling Cookbook will take as it graces the doorsteps and kitchens of many!

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