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This week at our table we are introducing our BlogLove™ events.  So far we have held these networking events for bloggers in Minneapolis and Baltimore.   BlogLove™ events have been a great way to meet the bloggers in the areas that we both live, Minneapolis and Baltimore.  We hope to expand these events to other cities as well.  Part of the success of these events are the businesses that have either hosted or sponsored these events.  A brand or business that participates with an event like BlogLove™ is one that understands the influence of relationships.  The main sponsor of our latest BlogLove™ event, Spark & Style was Therapon.  Christine from Therapon was there to greet and chat with guests, get to know them and introduce them to what she is passionate about.  We were happy to provide that kind of atmosphere to make that possible.  Connecting people kind of gives us a little thrill.  (We admit!)  We love hosting the kind of atmosphere that make relationships and ideas ~ spark!!

On that note ~ introducing BlogLove™ events this week would not be right without introducing you to Therapon again and well….cause we are celebrating our launch…ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!! Whoohoo!  This giveaway is going to end on Saturday at 12 noon, Central and only open to US.  To win a Therapon Skin Renewal System kit….leave a comment here at this post and share with us at the table, what your beauty secret is!!  (And, if you say Frownies…tired it ~ you’re among friends!

*Disclosure:  We are affiliates of Therapon.  However, we only get behind brands, people and products that we love and believe in.

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  1. My beauty secret is getting enough sleep each night. No matter what skin care regimen you adhere to or how much makeup you put on, it doesn’t matter if you’re dragging and your eyes are all droopy! Note: I DO NOT apply this “secret” enough in my life, but desperately need to!

  2. I use olive oil after a shower for my skin. It’s cheap and readily available and my dermatologist recommended it. 🙂

  3. A good workout always makes my skin glow!

  4. Use sunscreen!

  5. My “secret” is coconut oil for my hair. If my hair is starting to get dry or I can’t control my frizz I pull out some coconut oil. I use it 2 ways:
    before a shower I put the oil in my hair (not too much) I focus on the ends and then spread it through my hair. After about an hour (or even overnight!) I wash my hair as usual, but I skip the conditioner, then I rinse it really well. Voila! soft and shiny hair!!
    I also use coconut oil to tame my frizzy hair. A little oil goes a long way and smells great too!

  6. Agree with Alle about the sleep issue (and needing to get more as well). It does wonders for your body and skin to be well rested. My most important tip would be nourishing it from within. Making sure I get the right nutrients in my food allows my skin to absorb all the vitamins and fend off hazards in our environment.

  7. My beauty secret comes directly from my grandma who, at 74 had NO wrinkles on her face….never ever wash your face with soap and always use COLD water.

  8. My beauty secret is going make-up free. Honestly, my skin is so much happier and has a natural summer glow right now:)

  9. tracie gilbert says:

    i try to get enough sleep, eat right, and never use soap to wash my skin. I also use vitamin e oil on really dry areas of skin on my face and body.

  10. Rosa Williams says:

    My beauty secret is don’t smoke .. eat well and get plenty of sleep. Put good things in your body to keep it at its best. Use good products for skin care.

  11. Rose Pierson says:

    My secret to beautiful skin is using Theraderm Skin Renewal System daily.

  12. My secret is that I drink a TON of water..AND, I replace my hormones with REAL hormones.

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