Therapon Skin Renewal System

Kristin and I got the opportunity to try Theraderm Skin products in the last six weeks.  Therapon was our sponsor for the last BlogLove™ blogger networking event, Spark & Style.  We were happy to be able to send our BlogLove™ guests home with a good sized sample of the Skin Renewal System to try.  The system works in 4 easy steps.

The first three cleanse, exfoliate, and repair~ I love that the bottle are numbered.  It makes it easy to follow the steps,  especially if you are starting a cleansing routine for the first time.

The first step is the Cleansing Wash.  It is a soap-free, gel.  A little goes a long way, a dime-sized amount on damp hands or a wash cloth is all you need.  You massage in a circular motion for about a minute and rinse with warm water.  I have been thrilled with how it quickly loosens make up, waterproof mascara and foundation off with ease.

Step number 2 is the Fruit Acid Exfoliant.  This is a clinical-strength lactic acid that you apply to the application pad.  You simply add about 10 drops on a cleansing pad and apply to neck and face.  The textured pads promote a deeper penetration of the Fruit Acid Exfoliant while mildly exfoliating the skin.  You also do not rinse this off.

The 3rd step is the Reparative Gel.  I like anything with the word reparative in it.  You apply a thin layer all over your face and neck.  You do not rinse off this step.  Unlike other products or serums I have tried, I liked the way this gel did not in anyway interfere with my make up or foundation.  It disappears into your face and goes to work.

The 4th step is the Moisturizer.  I am a firm believer in moisturizing no matter what your skin type.  This is a rich oil-free product.

There it is ~ 4 easy steps to healthier skin that is more beautiful!

One of the other things I appreciated about Theraderm was that I found improvement on my skin right away.  I also was amazed that my skin did not react in any way to trying a new product or the fruit acids as I had experienced in the past.

We are so happy to be able to share Theraderm with you!  We are delighted to be working with a brand that supports bloggers gathering together and values the stories we share.  While this is a sponsored endorsement ~ truly, we would only share with you a product that we believe is of quality and will add to your own personal “Spark & Style”.   We believe looking and feeling good are just another way to savor a beautiful life!  I do not have perfect skin, however, I have found that after using this system, my skin has healed quicker, has a healthier glow and other imperfections seem to be fading.  In other words ~ it’s working!!  And ~ that makes me happy!

If you are a Minnesota blogger and tried the product since our BlogLove™ Spark & Style event we’d love to hear how you like it!  If you haven’t tried it yet ~ check it out by clicking through our Therapon affiliate ink on the side of our blog or here.



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