Thoughtful Gifts, Fresh Eggs & House Guests

There is nothing like have house guests that think to pack fresh, farm eggs from their chickens into their carry on bags, for you. Thank you Mike & Terrill for bringing such a thoughtful gift! What is one of the most thoughtful gifts you’ve ever received?

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  1. How lovely!!!

    I had a house guest last year who gave me an amazon gift card because she knew how much I loved to read on my Kindle. It was SO thoughtful, so unexpected, and so unnecessary…but it brought me total joy.

    I love friends like that who know us so well and can still surprise us!

  2. I think the most thoughtful gifts I have ever recieved by anyone is “time”. When hubby takes the kids to the park, so I can have time; or when family visits and takes the munchkins so hubby and I can have time, or when someone visits and simply gives us their time. (Truly what says you are important to the life of another than that someone sacrificing their time to spend it with you!)

    • It’s my personal love language. I couldn’t agree with you more! Speaking of…we should FIRM up a coffee date!

      • Oh, please don’t say “firm”! I was truly hoping for pecan rolls. . .and my body just doesn’t say “firm” in conjunction with those rolls! 😉


  1. […] Kristin’s friend Terril routinely washes her dishes and throws in some laundry and brings gifts to her kitchen.  And, when I have friends over, they tend to wind up cooking in the kitchen with us as well.  […]

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