“Tim-the-Toolman” makes Sangria

Things are getting a bit ramped up around here!  I’ve been scrubbing floors, washing sheets, cleaning up the patio, cutting the grass, painting walls (I like having a reason to check off my list) and menu planning.  Why?  You might ask…well, the other half of LoveFeast is coming for a B’More visit!!  Tomorrow, Chris Ann, hubby and half of their clan are coming!

You have to understand, for the past five years (since living on opposite sides of the map) we have maintained strong friendships through visits.  These visits are precious, not long enough and not often enough!  So, we tend to try and pack in a years worth of visits in a short time.  It makes for an incredibly fun and exhausting time!  We eat like kings!  We drink like…well, let’s just say we’re always very thirsty!

This visit, my handy man hubby, took the libations into his own hands.  He came home a couple of days ago with this.

I said, “What is that for?”  His chest swelled with pride as he responded, “That’s for the sangria brew!”

This morning, he made a pit stop in between jobs, to begin the marinating process.

The fruit went in.

The alcohol went in.

The wine went in.

The fire-pit is ready.

Even the little ones made a contribution.

24 hours to go!  Not to worry, we will keep you posted on all our antics!

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  1. Grandmom in STL says:

    It looks like you are going to have a great time! Drink some Sangria for me, and have fun!

  2. Would you please share the recipe? I need one for the weekend!

  3. We put 1 part brandy, 1 part orange curaco (or triple sec), 3 parts (but I think it needs 4) red wine (doesn’t have to be great wine). Add canned peaches (with juice), canned mandarin oranges (with juice), fresh cherries, cut up granny smith apples, lime and lemon. I know it’s not a super clear recipe, but with the combo of these flavors, I promise you won’t be disappointed. We find that getting it all marinating early helps the flavors gain depth. Chill and serve! Sometimes we serve with sugar rimmed glasses! It’s delish!!

  4. Oh, I am so very thirsty! You left out a very important ingredient. . . good friends:)

  5. you are so right!!! One can’t drink sangria alone!

  6. Hi Kristin!
    I finally am getting caught up from vacation and getting a chance to check your blog out. Looks great! I enjoyed reading your friends book on vacation as well – still have a bit to finish it off. 🙂 Thank you – it was so great to meet you, your family and your group! An unexpected blessing on our trip. 🙂

    Have you had a chance to check out MamaKnowsBest yet? My name should be a link, but if not, it is http://www.mamaknowbest.net.

    Blessings on you and yours!!!

  7. I’m not usually a sangria girl, the tini’s or a regular red will do, but this was AMAZING!! Really yummy..as everything at your house always is…so fun too in the tool-man bucket. Thanks for an incredible evening of great friends, full glasses and full bellies! 😉


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