Tomato & Toast Breakfast

Yum right?  This yummy picture says it all.  Pretend you’re sitting down to eat this right now.  We toasted the hearty bread, melted some fine cheese, sliced a fresh tomato from the farmers market and plucked a leafy green off our basil plant out on the deck.  Just for you our guest!  We are enjoying the pleasure of you enjoying it!  That’s sorta what’s happening with this blog right now.  While you linger over this picture, we are busy cooking up stuff in our kitchens and in our heads to serve you better at this place we call LoveFeast Table.  You are our guest here and we are so pleased you have stopped by to linger, enjoy the conversation, and partake of the pictures, and so on….in fact, we wish we could sit down with you over a cup of joe too!  So, please come back and spread the word and leave us a note (here, on Twitter or on Facebook).  Thanks for being our guests at the table!!

Chris Ann and Kristin