The Traveling Cookbook ~ Blooming On Bainbridge

I’ll have to admit…
I was seriously giddy when The Traveling Cookbook arrived way up here in the Northwest all the way from Bridget in Texas! My heart was beaming when I found The Pioneer Woman Cooks wrapped up in an adorable burlap bag with lots of ribbon and a sweet note from Chris Ann and Kristin of the
LoveFeast Table.
Knowing the cookbook had traveled from Kristin~ to Amy~ to Robyn~ to Wenderly~ and to Bridget made thumbing through the pages very special. I am honored to be part of the effort to raise money for
Feed My Starving Children alongside talented bloggers who share from the heart and make
the world a happier place!
So let’s get down to business.
I’ve always wanted to make homemade meatballs!
I knew if anyone could make a mean meatball it would be Ree.
You know….The Pioneer Woman!
There’s noway Ree fools around when she makes MEATBALLS!
I don’t know how Marlboro Man reacts to meatballs~
but when I started rolling out meatballs and fryin’ em up in the black cast iron skillet My Man
took an interest in what was goin’ on in the kitchen.
He kept saying “You’re makin’ MEATBALLS?”
To say he was “LOVIN’ me in a whole new light” is an understatement.
He wasn’t the only one intrigued by the smell in the kitchen.
Take a look at The Fur~Ball’s face while I was busy rolling out meatballs.
I was on a MEATBALL high~that’s for sure!
No worries that the stove was getting covered in flour.
Who cares if the smoke detector went off several times due to the SIZZLIN’ in the kitchen.
It was all in the name of THE MEATBALL!
Pioneer Woman’s sauce for the meatballs is scrumptious.
Sweet and tangy…with chunks of onion.
That’s what I call a perfect batch of meatballs!
Here comes the part that kicked these meatballs to the moon and back!
Pioneer Woman Cooks Creamy Mashed Potatoes!
Butter + cream cheese + half and half cream + seasoning makes these the
most luscious~
mashed potatoes EVER!
Don’t think I didn’t lick the pan clean.
As if these taters couldn’t stand on their own I chopped up some chives.
Comfort Meatballs + Creamy Mashed Potatoes = 
One of the best meals I’ve ever made!
Just ask My Man~
he’ll tell ya’ it’s true!
Thanks for the opportunity to join in on this charitable cause.
Hugs from Bainbridge Island, WA!
Mobile Pack Project
The Traveling Cookbook will now travel down the West Coast to California.
Can’t wait to see what Marla at Family Fresh Cooking whips up!
I’m sure she’ll put a healthy twist on things!
That’s what I love about Marla!

Teresa lives on an island in the Northwest and loves a fur~ball named Doogan. She is the author of Blooming on Bainbridge~a blog where she writes about life on Bainbridge Island, favorite recipes, adventures in the Northwest, and learning to sew. Teresa is a Southern girl at heart. She loves sugar cookies and strawberry jam piled high on animal crackers. She enjoys practicing yoga and hiking trails with her husband Greg. Teresa created Bags by Bloom {opening 2012} where she sells happy bags handmade with lots of JOY!