Trip to American Girl Doll Cafe NYC

our girls

My daughter, Teapot and her bff, Anni, wanted desperately to celebrate their birthdays at the American Girl Place in New York City.  We decided to do the day up!  So, bff’s mom, made reservations to the American Girl Cafe and we invited the grandmoms!

gmoms talking

We arrived at seating time and waited behind the ropes with a couple dozen giddy and excited girls!  The tension was rising!  As we were escorted into the American Girl Cafe, it was like walking into a life size doll house restaurant.  There were American Girl Dolls lined up with different outfits on, in case a little girl forgot her doll…she could borrow one for lunch!

We slid into our booths.



Teapot and Anni tucked their dolls into the doll chairs and ordered their Shirley Temples.

shirley temples

The room was girl glam with black and white stripes splashed with accessories in hot pink.  Our girls thought they had “arrived”!


The server delivered warm cinnamon buns to start!  Dessert first, my kind of place!  The second course came out on cake stands with nibbles of fruit, pretzel bites and vegetables.

2nd course

The girls both ordered the Tic Tac Toe pizza, while the moms and grandmoms ordered salads and sandwiches!  (The sweet potato fries did not last long!)

tic tac toe pizza


chicken sand

The meal is finished off with little flower pots filled with chocolate mousse and a flower sugar cookie!

flower pot mousse

Lifetime memories were in the making, for all of us!  I can’t tell you how special that day was to me, to be able to spend time with my daughter, share a meal with her at her “Top of the Dream List” spot and follow behind her as she explored all the dolls and their accessories!

american girl place shopping

Teapot’s birthday was full of exploring a life size doll house full of imagination and inspiration!

american girl place window
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  1. Looks like you all had a lovely time! I went to AGP on a recent trip to NYC (I love my American Girls when I was little). What a special place!

  2. Awww… how sweet! Since I don’t have any daughters, I don’t have much AG experience, but I think they’re adorable! This is the best kind of gift… a gift of time and memories. I think it’s awesome you took the grandmas! Happy birthday to Teapot.

  3. My daughter got invited to a birthday party there a few months back. Very over the top but she had a blast!

    We hope to take her on a day trip for her birthday just our family this fall.

  4. Fun! The pictures are great and the food looks yummy! I bet your daughter was thrilled.

    My daughters & I visited the cafe & store in Atlanta, and we had a blast. I’ve heard the experience in NYC is so much better, and I would really love to take them there as well. It’s a shame everything is so expensive!

  5. It is expensive! But, worth the memory! The cafe was over the top but, I know it will stand out for a lifetime in my daughter’s mind!

  6. That is so cool i have two american girl doll named kanani and sunny i made a room for them and stuff.


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