Until We Meet!

Chris Ann is at a party somewhere in Minnesota with MckMama.  She was invited to this party by her friend, the very talented, recording artist Mela Kamin.  I’m sure she’s having a blast!  I just hope her voice holds up.  I just got mine back.  How is it we had the same cold and yet are hundreds of miles away?

So, I’m sitting here in Baltimore, thinking about this crazy, campaign trailing, facebook flooding, twitter-tweeting week!  Shew!  It was fun!  I only wish you could’ve heard the conversations Chris Ann and I had throughout the week!  When we found out that we were nominated for Best Foodie blog in Baltimore, like we said, we were giddy.  It didn’t take long for our first-born (we both are!) competitive natures to come out.  I don’t even think we had a goal to shoot for…we just started yapping!  Honestly, if you’re not a blogger, you may not understand how great it is to have content!  This contest was loaded with content!  We were surrounded by great food bloggers!  We were hearing from all sorts of readers!  We were actually moving up the list!  Too fun!

We really had a fun week!  On one facebook comment, we quoted Miley Ray Cyrus, “Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other siiidddeee.  It’s the cliiiimmmbb!”  We love the climb!  We relish every moment of the journey, but especially when there are other people climbing with us!  So, this is a LoveFeast shout out to those who hiked it with us this week!

First and foremost, there is Elizabeth at Strawberries in Paris!  Without her we wouldn’t have even known we were nominated!  She’s Oh So Stylish!  She has an amazing group of friends that will even go to bat for her (Joanne) when we are obnoxiously facebooking, Rock the Vote!  She’s part of the Charm City Cookbooking Club and it looks as if these women cook up delicious food and lotsa laughter!  And did we mention?  She travels to Paris every 6 months for work!

Then there is Dara Bunjon from Dining Dish! She and Elizabeth were the first two bloggers to add us to their blogrolls!  They saw the diamond in the rough and took a gamble on two frazzled mommas trying to find an outlet for all the ideas running around in their heads!  Dara is gracious and obviously the pro!  She’s a great writer and is loaded with great information and excellent restaurant reviews! She won a Top Local Blog award in 2008! She also writes for The Examiner. And if you look, you will find her in great spots all over Baltimore!

We can’t wait to meet you ladies!  We also can’t wait to meet the wonder twins at Black Coffee and a Donut and a lucky momma who lives in the Land of Bean!  We must say here, with sad hearts, that we won’t be at the Mobbies party this Wednesday.  It’s kinda crazy, but Devon and I are flying out that exact time to meet Chris Ann and Todd in Minnesota!  We booked the tickets long before we knew we were even nominated! We are trying to talk some of our close friends into standing in for us, so you can meet us in proxy!

We really can’t wait to meet you, friends and break bread with you around the table!  You inspire us and made this week a lot of fun! And congrats Dara, for unofficially (it will be official next week) taking spot of #1 Baltimore Foodie Blogger!