Upcycle Remodel~Bathroom

We were all gung-ho to build and fill raised beds. My husband built the frames and we were looking into the best places to buy dirt and compost.

Then one day, I was in my office and caught a whiff…of mildew. It was wafting down from my boy’s flat. I called my husband and said, “I’m changing the order of the “honey do” list. I want to move raised beds to number two and put the boy’s bathroom up to number one.” That weekend, he began the demo.

He had a little help.

We wanted to do this on a budget. When we had our kitchen flood last year and pulled up our slate tile floors, they were piled out back until further notice. Devon decided to cut each tile into quarters and reuse the slate tile on the bathroom floor.

The floor became the inspiration for the tile and border (see first photo) that would be installed around the tub.

It’s taken a few days to get it done. A little extra manual labor cutting tile…and two tile blades, but for very little money, our boys’ bathroom looks much better and no longer has organic, toxic nature, climbing it’s walls.

I  like the challenge of decorating with re-purposed materials. What about you? What do you have in your home that you want to repurpose? What will you do? We’d love to hear!