Velvet Acorns are in season ~ take your pick of our fall treasures at LoveFeast Shop!

Velvet Acorns & Nests

There is something magical about this time of year.  While the bright beams of summer sun are still warming the grass, the breeze begins to blow a little cooler and the leaves start to softly rattle…before they fall.

Presenting Velvet Acorns from LoveFeast Shop!

Already in my garden I have found plenty of empty acorn stems let loose from the nut by squirrels.

Velvet Acorn Nest

This year plenty of LoveFeast friends are gathering up their fall decor and getting ready to nest their homes with colorful and whimsical velvet acorns.

Gathered a few in a nest for table settings or in a nook.

Fall Velvet Acorn Nest

Pile a bounty of velvet beauties for a burst of colorful, candy-like colors.

Velvet Acorn Bowl

Any size or color you pick will make you happy.

Velvet Acorns are in season  ~ take your pick of our fall treasures at LoveFeast Shop!


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