Velvet Heart Pumpkin Giveaway


One season of for our plush bountiful beauties wasn’t’ enough!!  Just when we thought the end in was in sight – our eye caught a sweet little find in the pumpkin warehouse… a delicate sweet little curved up heart-shaped beauty there all alone.  Hearts be still.  We knew our pumpkin lovin’ friends would appreciate something to add to their nest of pumpkins! And, also the ability to share some pumpkin love!

We’re spreading the Valentine’s Day love early with a giveaway of our HeartGram™ which includes a pair of heart-shaped pumpkins with real natural stems.  The perfect gift to send to you Valentine.  It includes a vintage inspired postcard with which to send your message.  Perfect gift for family, friends, co-workers, teachers, or sweetheart!

We’ve packaged up a single or sets of these heart-shaped pumpkins in crinkled paper, gift boxed them and tied them with a beautiful red ribbon.  Each velvet heart-shaped pumpkin filled box includes a vintage inspired HeartGram™ postcard.

We’re so happy you have landed here today from The Nesting Place or perhaps somewhere else on the web.  At any rate this is your lucky day.  We’re doing a giveaway here at LoveFeast Table of our brand new, HeartGram™.

Giveaway open to US residents only.  This  giveaway will close on Thursday, January 26 at midnight. Stop by on Saturday the 28th around 9am, to find out our HeartGram™ winner!

Hear is how to win a LoveFeast HeartGram™ ~

Leave a comment – we’d love to know who you’d send a HeartGram™ to!

*Extra chance for twitter – but you must leave the information in a separate comment.

*Extra chance for Facebook update w/link of this post – but you must leave the information in a separate comment.

There are more giveaways going on over at The Nesting Place you can visit and sign up for as many as you like!

Oh happy day!


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Join the Conversation!

  1. Who would I give the heart pumpkin to? Me. Or a wonderful lady in PA who is in a home and has gone through so much.

    • jacki james says:

      i would send theses to my self since at age 51 im finally learning to love myself and these would be reminders of the commitment i have made to myself in 2012 to be move loving to me :)

    • Cana Star says:

      I love them, so cute and festiv!!! a great way to celabrate love day!!

  2. Cute! I would send them to my one of my best friends, both of which moved away last year.

  3. I’d send it to an out of town friend.

  4. Jenna Nelson says:

    is it bad to say I would give it to myself? I would LOVE it so much… and that’s good, right? :)

  5. I loved your pumpkins and now these are totally amazing! In love with your work and I would love to get these myself! :)

  6. Megan LaFollett says:

    Beautiful! I would send one to my childhood friend, Molly. And to my sister. And to my mother-in-law…

  7. i’d send a heartgram to my husband who keeps his spirits high no matter how hard life is becoming for us.

  8. angie willis says:

    These Are AMAZING !!!!!

  9. i would send these to a friend of mine whose husband has just been diagnosed with cancer; her house is the cutest ever and these would fit right in!

  10. I’d give them to the only one who holds my heart… my husband, of course!

  11. Debra Wostmann says:

    Thank you to Nesting Place for showing me your site. Love the Hearts and would give one to my husband.

  12. There are a few people I would send to such as my parents and some very good friends I have been friends with for over 25 yrs.

  13. Danielle M. says:

    I would give one to a friend who moved halfway across the country with a baby and toddler.

  14. I would give the heart to my dad! He had a heart transplant when I was 5mos pg with my first daughter. He wouldn’t be here now, without the donation.

  15. I’d send these to my sister, who’s been under a lot of stress lately.

  16. I love these! I’d send one to my mom – she would love it, and she loves decorating for all holidays!

  17. If I had to give them away ((grin)) I’d give them to my daughter. She shares my taste and love for simple beauty! Lovely giveaway!

  18. As much as I would love to keep them, I would send them to my Mom. We don’t get to see each other very much and she’ll be coming to visit in a few months for the birth of our sixth baby :)

  19. I would give them to my mom. She’s amazing and would love them.

  20. Meredith W. says:

    My husband deserves a heart gram!

  21. I would truthfully keep it for myself, love these valentines!!

  22. I would deliver these to his workplace to the front desk where my husband works. I would leave and then have the receptionist call him to the front desk. He has lost his mother and brother as well as several work friends in the past two years.

  23. I’d send one to my husband… and then keep it for myself!

  24. What a fabulous giveaway!!! I love the heart pumpkins. I’d love to win this to give to my daughter who just had surgery to fix her broken nose. She has a cast over the bridge of her nose and packing in her nose to keep the bones in place. I think this would be the perfect little “pick me up” for her.

  25. I’d give it to a college friend I haven’t seen in a while.

  26. That’s a tough one…probably to my best friend who lives too far away. Although my sister in law, who is in the middle of preparing to move for my brother’s new army post is a close runner up. Both woudl love getting this sweet gift int he mail.

  27. I would love to win these adorable pumpkins. I’d give the heart gram to my husband!

  28. I would love to surprise my Momma with these lovelies :)..she has been battling lymphoma these past 7 months…and I LOVE HER dearly!! Blessings all!!

  29. I’d send it to a nearby friend who is always there for me!

  30. Angela Dunkerton says:

    I would give them to a dear friend : )

  31. I would send one to my husband – we’re in our last few months of a distance marriage.

  32. I’d send them to my friend Allison, who loves Valentine’s Day more than anyone else I know!

  33. I have a friend who would LOVE this…but then I’d have to buy one for myself because I love them too :)

  34. I think I would have to selfishly say, give them to myself. They are gorgeous!

  35. I would send it to my mom! She would absolutely love it!!!!

  36. It’s a tough decision but probably my sisters.

  37. Stephanie S. says:

    I would give a HeartGram to my special someone, Daniel. He is such a blessing in my life- he makes every day special <3

  38. I would give them to my dear hubby, he is always positive no matter what!

  39. These are so cute! I’d send them to my mom :)

  40. umm, if you really want to know the selfish truth. I would give it to myself!!! Its to beautiful. Or if i have to give it away , i would send it to my best friend Tiff in Canada

  41. I would probably send these to my mom. She would love them!

  42. Facebook Shared

  43. Well, my little sweet peas saw it and they loved it!
    I would send it to them. Then I could admire it too :)

  44. tiffany day says:

    So dang sweet! I would send one to my sister and mom!!

    love these!


  45. I’d give it to my Mom! She loves these colors it would look great in her kitchen.

  46. I would send a HeartGram to my sister. <3

  47. I would give this to my sweetie– my husband of less than a year!

  48. I also put a link on my FB page!

  49. I’d send it to a friend who is really struggling right now! It would really brighten her day!

  50. I already won your gorgeous fall pumpkins, but I couldn’t resist! I’d love to send these darlings to my husband! I still have the fall ones out, they are too precious to put away! I love to pet them, sigh…. :)

  51. I would give it to my granddaughter!!!:)

  52. In all honesty, I’d give them to my husband. We were just discussing how our home needs more decor to brighten winter after Christmas season is over, and I’d love to surprise him with this along with a heartfelt love letter!

  53. It would be hard to give the heart pumpkins away…but, I have a friend that lives in Washington whose life is very stressful right now. These would be like a warm hug!

  54. Does a follow on Twitter count as an entry? Because I’m now following you! (@allthingsjane)

  55. F.A. Arthur says:

    These would definitely go to my sister. We both love gourds and have grown many through the years. These are just so, so pretty. Thanks for the chance!

  56. Barbara Fiero says:

    This would be to me love me.

  57. I would send these to my friend, Alexa, in Florida. The velvet is just her style and she could use the visual reminder of love – the love of God, friends, and family – as she walks through a difficult season.

  58. I think I’d send it to my sister-in-law who has been awfully helpful to me lately. I heart her!

  59. I would send these to my nephew, Nick, who is on dialysis 3x a week, awaiting a transplant. I gave his father a kidney 2 yrs ago (I became a living kidney donor), and know what a hard time Nick is now going through. I’d give him my other kidney if I could, but a smile from your beautiful velvet hearts would work for today…

  60. I would send these to my aunt.

  61. I’d send it to my husband.

  62. I would send the beautiful pupmkins to myself….I love them :)

  63. I would have to send to my secret Heart Sister for this year—these are adorable…T

  64. Jessica R. says:

    Am I allowed to send them to myself? They are adorable!

  65. I would send the heart gram to my mom.

  66. I would send one to my husband and my mother in law.

  67. These are beautiful! I would send one to my friend of 35 years, she would love it!

  68. Melissa E. says:

    I would send one to my mother because I know she would appreciate how beautiful they are!

  69. I’d send the HeartGram to my sweet sis.

  70. Lisa Thompson says:

    I would give this beautiful heart to my daughter who lives far away from her Mom and Dad. We love and miss her so much. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway.


  71. Lisa Thompson says:

    I am a Facebook fan and left a comment there about these beautiful HeartGrams.


  72. Hard to give these beauties away, but definitely to my best friend in PA! I don’t get to see her very often since we’re far from home living a military life–these would be perfect for her Feb. bday!

  73. Carrie Phillips says:

    I would definitely send this to my mother and make it from my two preschool sons. She would love to get a valentine like this from them! :)

  74. I follow you on twitter.

  75. I would give one to my husband and keep one for myself. He’s amazing and deserves my heart!

  76. I posted this link to my fb page.

  77. I would give one to each of my two daughters – they fill my life with such joy!

  78. i would keep one and give the other to my good friend!

  79. Livinglessmom says:

    I would send this to my sister, I think it would really brighten her day!

  80. Livinglessmom says:

    Tweeted about this giveaway!

  81. I’d send them to my sweetheart, my husband.

  82. Jennifer Allen says:

    I would give them to my teenage daughter, she inspires me daily by staying positive in the midst of difficult circumstances.

  83. Melissa G says:

    I’d sent a heart gram to my mom!

  84. I’d send it to my sister!

  85. I should feel a little guilty about saying that I’d send one to myself. But I really want one – they are adorable!

  86. I’d give these beautiful pumpkins to my husband, whose birthday is Valentine’s Day, and who proposed to me on Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day for us to celebrate! Thanks for the opportunity

  87. I would give these to my mama!

  88. I would love to send it to my Sister….I miss her.

  89. I would send it to mt best friend who will be alone on v-day
    libertybain(at) onemain (dot) com

  90. I would love to surprise by hubby with it.

  91. I would share these beautiful hearts with my daughters because they so lovingly share their hearts with me.

  92. to my husband- the preacher

  93. These are so sweet! I would send one to my Mother I know she would love it.

  94. Carol Adams says:

    Probably send it to my daughter who is in college… Don’t get to see her nearly enough!!

  95. I would send it right to our home in care of our two lovely little girls. They would find this to be the most special Valentine!

  96. I would send these to my husband, who will always have my heart.

  97. So sweet! I’d send one to my mom – we live 12 hours apart now :(

  98. Carmen Goddard says:

    I would send it to my girlfriend Cindy, she just lost her sister. She would love this

  99. I have two sweet friends who have prayed with me with me and for my children for the last 15 years. They would get the hearts because they have held mine many times!

  100. I would give these beautiful hearts to my daughter (or maybe I’d keep one for myself?!)

  101. I would send one to my son who loves in NTC now!!

  102. tweeted about this giveaway!!

  103. I would send to my best friend in Alabama

  104. Tweeted about the giveaway

  105. I linked up on FB

  106. I would love to have this heart pumpkin in my home. However, I would give it to my sister who really needs to “see” that she is loved!

  107. I’d probably send one to my mother-in-law. She’s a fabulous woman and would truly appreciate this.

  108. The valentines are so sweet. I would love to send them to my sister, but I would be selfish and keep these.

  109. My kids would love these!

  110. What a beautiful giveaway-I’d send them to my sister!

  111. I would send one to my mom…she does so much for our family.

  112. My husband… he’s so amazing and I want to remind him of that!

  113. To my favorite valentine… my husband of course! Because he’s an incredible man, and because he might share =).

  114. To my beautiful mom who taught me to love beautiful things.

  115. Tweeted about these gorgeous pumpkins!

  116. Posted the link on Facebook wall!

  117. I’d send it to my sister out of town. She would love it!

  118. Anne Marie says:

    I would love to send this to my daughter – these are beautiful.

  119. If I was so lucky to win your beautiful hearts, I would give one to my wonderful husband and one to my 94 year old mother. She would love the softness of the velvet and that it is handmade.

  120. Would send it to my best friend. <3 !!!!

  121. I would give a Heartgram to my friend Barbara

  122. Oh my GOSH….these are adorable. I would give them to my wonderful husband…a TRUE romantic, who would appreciate them as much as I do!

  123. I’d send one to my husband. Our 20 year anniversary is this year on February 15.

  124. I would share them with my daughters (I might have to borrow them once in a while ;). They are sweet and lovely girls and this would be such a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the give-away!

  125. Twila Weaver says:

    These are Beautiful!

    I would send them to my daughters….they are amazing young woman and moms….so proud to be their mother.

  126. Kelli Downey says:

    To my mom and mother-in-law! These are so sweet and lovely!

  127. Angela House says:

    TO my love…my husband

  128. Theresa J says:

    I would sent these to my sister.

  129. Theresa J says:
  130. Theresa J says:
  131. Would give them to my wife.

  132. Linked on FB

  133. Constance Ward says:

    I would give it to my sweet, amazing fiance’.

  134. I would send this to my mother…she recently had back surgery and we live hundreds of miles apart.

  135. definitely to my mom…

  136. Leanne Wight says:

    Oh, I so loved your pumpkins, so when I saw these I was totally excited! I would give one to my husband (so it could decorate our house!) and one to my mom!

  137. I’d give them to my sweetheart husband, but I know my daughter would love them even more!

  138. Oh, easy! Me, me, me!

  139. Jennifer Perilli says:

    Love your stuff.

  140. Well, of course, I’d send this to my honey! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  141. mary fanara coleman says:

    I would give it to my mother…I love my mom.

  142. mary fanara coleman says:

    I shared the giveaway on my fb page.

  143. So totally loving these! Not sure I could part with them though! I might be nice and give one to my Bestie. :]

  144. Oh, these velvet heart pumpkins are gorgeous! I fell in love with your pumpkins this fall, but haven’t been able to afford one yet! What a treat winning this giveaway would be!
    I would send them to my dear husband because he is amazing…and then I could also enjoy the beautiful hearts at home!
    Thanks for a chance to win them!

  145. I would send the velvet hearts anonymously to couples celebrating their anniversaries.

  146. These are gorgeous! I’m here from The Nesting Place and loved the pumpkins she shared this fall. Today, in fact, is my brother and sister-in-law’s 4th anniversary. Since they’re a military family and we get to see them only about once a year, I’d love to share these with them!!

  147. Charlotte says:

    I would be sending a HeartGram to my daughter who is away at college. She is in my heart always!

  148. I would send one to each of my sweet daughters.

  149. It would be very hard to part with them , they are adorable. But I think I would share them with my daughter :)

  150. I would send it to my best friend who lives a few hours away.

  151. I don’t think I’d be able to give these heartgrams away! I love them, maybe even more than your pumpkins!

  152. I would have to send these beauties to my sister! I am so thankful to have her – she is my best friend, my prayer warrior, my encourager, & my silly half!

  153. Linked you up on FB! :)

  154. My mom would be the lucky lady!

  155. Nancy Naylor says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I would send one to my daughter.

  156. So cute! I would give it to my mom, she brought me into the world, and I would love to give her a heart!

  157. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you for participating.


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