Velvet Pumpkin Inspired Fall Mantel

I’m not going to lie.  It’s not hard to be inspired with these Plush Pumpkin babies laying around the house.  But, you know when there is that change of season in the air?  Well, I noticed while I was watering the plants that were in the black iron urns on my mantel…that things were a little empty… a little bleak.  Not the kind of fancy I want for this fall.

(By the way ~ here’s a perk up for ya’ ~ keep reading and you’ll find a way to get some Plush Pumpkins of your own to have laying around your house too ~ hint!hint!)






So back to my mantel.  Down at the bottom you can see my mantelscaping tips.  But here is the play by play.  First thing I did was switch out the art.   I found a vintage painting at a little place in Wayzata, MN this past summer called Kathie’s Finds.  Look what I found in her shop?  A glitter picture!  She added a little fairy dusting of glitter to an old oil painting.  I loved it!!  And so I brought it home with me.   Finally, now I’ve found a place for it!

The next thing I did was add some fresh rosemary plants.  I love using real plants.  And, the great thing about using rosemary is that it lightly scents your home in a natural way.  Do you see how I found a way to cover up the u-g-l-y small black speaker, there to the left?  I found another rectangular piece of decor to layer over it!  Then, I added some of our plush velvet pumpkins from our LoveFeast Shop.

Next I did the other side.  To balance the rectangular key pillow on the left, I added a small silver vintage butter dish on the right.

And, of course some more Plush Pumpkins to cozy up to it.

More pumpkins added ~ piled and melting together with the colors of fall.  I loved the natural stems and how the velvet looks layered against my new vintage painting.

I will admit at this point I was doing a little happy dance.  And, started trying to interview my kids on how amazing their mother was at creating tablescaping.  I got some half-hearted, ya greats!!  LOL ~ no matter, tablescaping a mantel, let’s call it mantelscaping ~ gives me a happy little high!

Before ~ plain Jane mantel.

After ~ glittery and velvety pumpkin-y mantel!

“Mantelscaping” Tips ~

l.  Freshen the focal point. ~ I switched out my art.

2.  Add fresh plants or flowers. ~ I used fresh herbs for their scent.

3. Disguise what you have to. ~ I artfully covered my small speaker.

4. Add shine, glitter and candlelight. ~ Always yes! In votives, glitter art, and trays.

5. Add a collection you love. ~ Plush Pumpkins luxurious and natural.

Thanks for visiting today our TABLE today!  We (click here to meet us!) hope you stop by again real soon!  We love sharing what inspires us ~ things we LOVE, things that we FEAST on, and the exciting projects we are doing celebrating our LoveFeast LIFE-style!  And, happy FALL Y’ALL ~ I’m linking this post over at The Lettered Cottage with other great fall inspiration! And, also over at Home Stories A2Z & Nest of Posies

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