Our Love Affair With Vintage Frames

Chris Ann and I have a thing for frames around here. That love affair began with this frame that use to hang over our counter at Jahva House.  Jahva House was a coffee shop that my husband and I owned about 8 years ago.  It was in a three story, 200 year old building that we re-purposed from antique store to coffee shop.  The walls were covered in original art, the tables painted by art students and it was a mecca for budding musicians and writers.  It”s a huge part of our story.  Chris Ann and her husband spent time with us there, serving up flambe at our private multi course meals and getting to know the countless Gen Xers we had hanging out there.  When my husband and I sold our home and all of our belongings to travel abroad with our kids, there were just a few things we did not sell.  One was the vintage framed chalkboard, which I gave to Chris Ann and now hangs in her dining room.  The other was a set of 200 year old door-tables, but, I think Chris Ann wants to tell that story.

Recently, my contractor husband brought home a salvaged, over sized frame and asked if I wanted it.  (He already knew the answer.)  I decided to turn this one into a bulletin board for my office.

Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

Stop by our table tomorrow and I’ll share with you the steps and supplies needed to make your own.