Unique lighting can give a room or event it's mood and can bring in the personal touch as well! Vintage Marquee Lights are a great way to add that individuality to your home decor or event.

Vintage Marquee Lights

One of our favorite decorating pieces at LoveFeast Shop is our Vintage Marquee Lights.  We are finding that our customers are using them in all sorts of unique places.  Some great ideas for using Vintage Marquee Lights is as house numbers for front porches, last name letters for family rooms, hearts for weddings and Texas shapes for state pride!

Maybe your home office, studio or children’s play room needs a bit of whimsical lighting!

Vintage Marquee Lights are perfect for Wedding Decor!  The wedding trend to use the heart shape Vintage Marquee Light or letters to spell out first names connected with the ampersand shape, is a cute way of announcing an engaged couple or for rustic chic wedding decor!

We like how lighting not only can give a room or event it’s mood, but can bring in the personal touch as well!  Vintage Marquee Lights are a  great way to add that individuality to your home decor or event and allow you be inspired to share some of your favorite things, like …

Vintage Marquee Lights http://lovefeastshop.com

Vintage Marquee Light http://lovefeastshop.com


See more creative and original lighting choices along with Vintage Marquee Lights at LoveFeast Shop!

Rustic Marquee Light www.lovefeastshop.com

Which Vintage Marquee Light is your favorite?

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  1. Cant wait to use some of these designs in our marquees.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Chris Ann says:

      We’d be happy to help you with a purchase Josh! They’re great and come in a variety of sizes and shapes!


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