Visiting The Children’s Home Spring Break

On our family’s spring break vacation we got a chance to go back for a short visit to the Children’s Home & Community Center.  Kristin,  Devon, Todd and I got a chance to visit the Center back in October of last year when we took our trip to Azul Sensatori.  You can read a little about the history here.  Then, a few months later, Todd and I, along with some of the folks from the company he works for, came back in February and shared a wonderful meal of empandas and gave away some books to the surrounding community.

On this visit, I was anxious to show my kids a little bit of what we had experienced.  We had brought some books, toys and candies to give away.  I wanted to be able to give them an opportunity to see what we had gotten to see, expand their understanding and maybe get a chance to do the same.  I wanted my kids to remember their full stacked shelves of books.






When they saw this.

When we got to the Community Center, we discovered that the local pastor who oversees and works on this project, was there.  He gathered the chairs around and began to tell our children about the history of the area and this project.   Part of me was anxious to get going.  I had heard this story before.  I was anxious for an experience.  Something more tangible for my kids to do.   It didn’t quite work out that way.

Part of coming to another culture is respecting it.  Of listening.  Of knowing.  So, my kids listened to the stories of this elder.  Stories about the jungle and machetes, tigers, people and how he came to share his story with the people who lived in this area.  This was not a movie.  This was someone’s life.  This was about someone who has given up his life for greater purposes.






After we listen to the history and story, we got some refreshments from the canteen by the pool.






The pastor walked us around the grounds so that we could see the progress.  This center is going up year by year, brick by brick as funds are available.

We stopped for a picture.

We looked at the upper level addition, on top of the future kitchen.

Can you imagine this is a kitchen for a community?

This is the blank canvas waiting to be made into something.  This is what Kristin and I see when we look at this.  We know, step by step, anything can happen!  That has been our journey on this blog.  When we see this empty cinder block shell, we see potential, we see ideas!  We hope you stick around and dream with us!!  It may be some time down the road ~ but we hope to help see this room through, into it’s future!

Then, we took a walk around the shanty town.  There is rubble from the clearing and building everywhere.

We didn’t have time to give out our books or toys.  That wasn’t what happened this trip.  They would be given out by the Mexican church that reaches out to this community.  That wasn’t my original plan.   Turns out this visit was about looking, listening and learning.  And, it was about knowing.  And, even if that wasn’t my plan.

I am sure it was meant to be.