Voxer: A Tool for Friendship & Business

We discovered Voxer about a year ago. It was introduced to us by a group of friends. It quickly made it’s way into our own friendship and has become an invaluable tool. Here are a couple of quick facts about Voxer:

What is Voxer?

Voxer is like a walkie talkie, but a sophisticated one. With this program you can send voice messages, pictures, as well as texts.

Where can I use Voxer?

You can use Voxer on your phone or desk top. We use it on our phones.voxercollage.jpgPersonally we have found huge benefits for using Voxer:

  • Voxer basic is free.
  • You can have multiple people on one thread.
  • You can use Voxer anywhere you have wi fi.
  • You are not committed to a full on conversation in the midst of your busy day, but can have an ongoing conversation.
  • Messages can be retrieved at any time.
  • For more complex thoughts, it’s quicker and easier then a text.
  • But, if you want to text, you can.

On one Voxer thread, we have almost 20 of our friends. These friends live all over the United States and one is even in Canada. We are able to share our day to day antics, check in to share a funny story, or a frustrating moment. We have found (especially for moms) who feel isolated some days, that they have a group of girlfriends right at their finger tips in a moment’s notice to chat with. Inevitably someone is around to listen and respond. It’s like a facebook group, but this way we get to hear each other’s voices. Sometimes we laugh with one another, cry with one another, hear a friend sing a song that’s been rolling around in her mind all day long or just throw out an encouraging word. It has brought us together.

We are on another thread with a friend who just moved to Africa. She checks in daily to share what’s going on, how she’s adjusting. Recently she shared pictures of her groceries. It’s keeping her connected to her people here and allowing her to not feel so isolated. It’s allowing us to be able to understand what she’s going through daily and hear her newly adopted, daughters’ voices.


Professionally we have found huge benefits for using Voxer:

  • We can send the same message to our team all at once.
  • Everyone can weigh in on the conversation and be heard by all.
  • We can use this to connect with our international VA (virtual assistant) throughout the day.
  • It’s free. We don’t pay for long distance phone calls.
  • Because our team is on different time zones, everyone can check in at times that are convenient for them.

One of our virtual assistants moved to Ireland last year. We have barely felt the distance. Not only can we chat with her to hear about her daily life, but with Chris Ann in Minnesota and Kristin in Baltimore and all the different time zones, we are able to all keep business communication rolling. The three of us are juggling 11 children between us, school and sports schedules, work schedules, doctor appointments and daily chores. Voxer has allowed us some flexibility in the way we communicate and stay connected throughout the day.