Dinner Idea For Holiday Leftovers

My family has celebrated Thanksgiving twice this week.  We’ve shared a feast with friends and we’ve shared a feast with our family.  Traditionally both Kristin’s husband, Devon and my husband, Todd cook the turkey dinners in both of our homes.  Most Thanksgivings they consult eachother over the phone about what brine concoction to soak the turkey in or what type of booze they are adding to the gravy.  This year Kristin’s husband outdid himself with a beautiful bird.  In case you missed it, you can see the menu including their Roasted Turkey with Cherry Orange Glaze HERE.

My husband, Todd went full-out Minnesotan traditional – butter basted turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top,  corn custard, green beans sauteed with almonds, and in our family the famous three ingredient ,Yifta.

In our family, you Hafta’ Have Yifta, or no holiday meal would not be complete.  You can get the recipe for Yifta HERE – but make sure you read the comments for the corrections!)

We also had  pumpkin pie and pecan pie all from scratch.

Today after Kristin and I chatted over Skype we compared notes.  To break up the “Turkey Diet” both of our hubs had put Salmon on the menu.  And, one night our family did a easy favorite, pan-fried pork chops.  After days of turkey sandwiches, pork chops go great with many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes.

Lay the salt and peppered pork chops in the frying pan with a bit of butter and olive oil.  Fry over medium heat.

Begin to brown on both sides and add the secret ingredient, Sage.

When the pork chops are done, put aside and add some sliced Granny Smith apples to the juices with a little butter and saute.

Voila!  Pork chops, with leftover green beans and sweet potatoes.  Perfect change of pace and quick too!

Easy-peasy!  I recommend this meal for an easy and yummy diversion from the Turkey Day!

Do you have a recipe or meal that you make to stretch the holiday leftovers?  Share your ideas or links to a post in the comments!