What We’ve Been Up To ~ 2012 Bucket List

Hey ~ LoveFeast friends!  We’ve been so busy traveling, planning, working and getting ready for 2012!  We have so much that we want to share with you from behind the scenes! I started this post last night and Kristin put in her edits in blue this morning! ~ and no, I so didn’t mind!  So here is a sneak peak at what has been happening in the “underbelly” as we like to say ~ in our two voices.


See the picture above?  That’s us 2 weeks ago at the Atlanta Gift Market.  We took that pic (along with like 10 others trying to get a good shot) because just as we were running out the door we realized that we matched!  See our grays and pops of teals?  We thought it was funny that we were dressing in our “brand” colors!

We did a lot of walking in Atlanta ~ this is just a side of 1 building ~ there are 3!!!

In the 10 weeks the LoveFeast girls have managed to see each other 4 times! We have 2 trips pending in February.  One to celebrate Kristin’s birthday -( can I get 40 whoo-whoos!) You had to let that cat out of the bag?! And, then we are attending our 2nd blogging conference together ~ Blissdom.

Right before Christmas we spent a weekend together here in Minnesota with our husbands.  We had hosted a dinner party, played some late night poker (a LoveFeast tradition!)  We usually gamble for who is going to move to the others’ state to live.  It becomes fierce ~ just sayin’! (And, nobody has caught on to my poker face – yet!)…not to mention Chris Ann and husband always win. Is Minnesota in our future? I mean my oldest is with Chris Ann in Minnesota this week auditioning for University of Minnesota. AND, there was no pressure from the parents…his idea.

Our husbands cookin it up LoveFeast style in the kitchen ~ while we work and sip cappuccino they made us ~






A couple of weeks ago, like I said, we went to Atlanta for our first market trip.   We were thrilled to meet such inspiring business owners, artists and what we hope to be, future business partners.  We spent days finding unique stories and inspiration to add to our LoveFeast Shop.  And, the nights sharing dinner and a beer and a notebook while we tried to keep up with our own ideas!  We hope to share some of those stories as we add product to our shop.  We enjoyed a dinner out on the town with our friend Brielle, too.  She’s a spunky chic with a smashing style ~ you can catch her vibe at her new blog ~ Fashion Is A Bitch.  We are hoping for her help to bling out an alpaca for our first LoveFeast style shoot! Yes, she did say blinged out alpaca! Except, all weekend long, Chris Ann kept referring to it as a blinged out llama.

Yeah ~ you heard me right.  Fancy-ing up an alpaca is on our 2012 LoveFeast Bucket list ~ stay tuned!

And ~ what’s heading on our 2012 bucket list besides that?

Raising $24000 for a Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack unit.  Why?  Because we’re mothers, because we care and because we’re crazy enough to stick our necks out like that!!  We hope you can help by spreading the word, donating, and spreading the word…yeah, like that! (By the way – we think we’ll need a forklift and a space and 500 bodies! Anybody? Anybody?

We’re going to keep adding to our LoveFeast Shop.  We want to inspire you with more beautiful finds to add beauty to your life and home.  We hope to tell the stories of the places and people who bring these items together.  Those stories will be found here on our blog.

We’re going to try and write a cookbook. (Truth be told, we’ve been trying to do that for four years now.)

We’re going to travel. …keeping our fingers crossed for a south of France trip.

We’re going to enjoy the journey of The Traveling Cookbook (part of our Mobile Pack project).

We’re going to work hard.

We’re going to stay organized, thanks in part to our virtual assistant Donna

We’re going to laugh and have fun.

We’re going to create our first photo-shoot. With a blinged out alpaca.

We’re going to inspire the beginning of The Kitchen Project.

We’re going to balance it all. Or at least try.

We’re going to launch the first -evah, HeartGram™ product of velvet heart-shaped pumpkins.

We’re going to enjoy our families.

We’re going to get to know our readers, blogger friends and community more.

We’re going to decorate an alpaca with lots of jewelry.…I think you said that already. 

We’re going to laugh ~ because we’re just enough crazy to think we might do it all in 2012...let’s just hope our husbands will be laughing with us too, when we get to the end of this year.

Which is why we chose the word REACH for our defining word for 2012!

(I think Kristin is inspired to share a little more on that in the upcoming week or so!) For sure!

We hope you join us here at our “table” ~ and don’t be afraid to peep up (as in, leave a comment!)  We like a lively dinner party if you know what I mean!!  We want to hear your inspirations and aspirations too!!

We’re happy to stroll together along the 2012 trail and REACH for some dreams together.  Some of them might happen and some may not ~ but one thing is for sure ~ we’re going to SAVOR the journey together! It’s seriously how we love to do life. 

(Sorry, Chris Ann…I happened to read your draft and wanted to put in my two cents.  Hope you don’t mind! ~Kristin)