When Your Dress Inspires Your Table

I had been traveling the prior two weeks. I was exhausted. So for a couple of days, I had a hard time venturing out of my yoga pants. But, I can only handle that type of dress for a few days. You see, being a home-school mom, I make it a point to get up, get dressed and put make up on, even if my day keeps me home bound.

A good friend of ours, Abby Leigh, started a link up on Wednesdays, “Dress for the Day You Want to Have.” I’m a firm believer in taking the time to be “dressed”…to put on a bit of make up…do you hair, even if you’re just home working in your office or teaching your kids. It places value on you. Maybe because I’m such a visual person, but when I take a few minutes for myself, to pull myself together, I swear, I have a more productive day, a more positive day.

This particular morning, I was feeling a bit creative. I have two skirts, one from a thrift store…


and one that was “upcycled” by a seamstress. I played with proportion and accessories.


I’m only 5’2″. Proportions are important to me. If I wear too long of a skirt, I look like a dwarf. It’s’ amazing what happens when you hike up a skirt and throw on a belt!

But something unexpected happened! My creative dress play, inspired my Thanksgiving Table decorations. I was at the local craft store and was waiting in line to get my fabric cut. I looked down at my cart and my outfit and laughed!

I had Dressed for the Day I Wanted to Have! 


Link up your “Dress For The Day You Want to Have” over HERE.









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