Where We Gather

You see, we are both extroverts. If you are Myers Briggs fans, you’ll understand that being an ENFP & ENFJ, we both kind of refill and recharge when we are with our friends. So we gather. We gather in real life at lake houses, conferences or the beach.


In our virtual life, we gather here, at our (virtual) table, LoveFeast Table. This is where conversations happen and we share a bit more about ourselves, design ideas, recipes we are loving, moments and memories, style tips, travel and so much more. We also like to have a guest join us from time to time. We have a saying, “Join us at the table or we’ll meet you at yours!” Basically, we want to get to know you!


We also have a slight obsession for Pinterest. (Don’t we all?!) Being very right brained, ENFP/ENFJ’s we love the visual. We learn and are often inspired by what we see. Pinterest is our place to go to get new ideas. We want to see your boards, to glean from you and see the world through your eyes. Our life perspective is only so big, which is why we adore seeing LIFE through the eyes of our friends.


Instagram is our spontaneous spot. This is where we share quick peeks into our every day lives just trying to capture the essence of living. Lives as moms are busy, so often times we find our friends on Instagram and have a simple way to connect to their everyday. We can see your babies growing, your homes evolving with paint and new art and even sample a bit of what you’re having for dinner.


In honor of our sisters, friends, mothers and daughters who have survived Breast Cancer, we are featuring PINK Plush Pumpkins. $3 for every PINK pumpkin purchased will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Buy HERE.