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You have no idea how fussy we are when it comes to candles!  We both are a bit finicky about scents.  We like a natural light pleasant fragrance that doesn’t come off to perfume-y or strong.  The elegant and hand crafted feeling of the label caught our eye!  But, this candle only met our approval after the “sniff test”.  Verdict, we found our Shop some candles.

Each candle is hand crafted from recycled wine bottle and hand poured with 11 oz. of soy wax and inspired by a wine varietal.  Delicious blends like Vanilla, Butter, Oak make a light floral Chardonnay.  A Cabernet scented candle has notes of Black Cherry, Currant, and Smoke.  Or, a summer favorite of the LoveFeast Girls is Sangria.  You may have heard we like our Sangria in Tim the Tool Man containers.  But we also like Sangria, delightfully fragrant in candle form as well!

Wine Bottle Candle ~ $30 ~ LoveFeast Shop

Our Wine Bottle Candles are the perfect thing for your table to burn long into the summer evenings.

Which candle flavor do you think would be your favorite?  Visit our LoveFeast Shop ~ choose a candle flavor you love and leave a comment here to have a chance to win a candle!!

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(We will pick 2 Winners – Giveaway ends Saturday June 8th)

The Winners are: 

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Sangria, pinot noir, chard, cab…why not all of them. Hard to choose.


I think my favorite would be Sangria.

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  1. Merlot! Oh my!! What a nice find!!! <3

  2. Terrill says:

    Sangria, pinot noir, chard, cab…why not all of them. Hard to choose.

  3. Kristy Cirillo says:

    Pinot Grigio – Sandalwood, Wet Stone, Light Citrus

    Great find!!!!!!

  4. I think they all sound amazing, but I would pick the Sangria first!!

  5. I shared about the Rewined Candles on twitter!

  6. The Chardonnay sounds amazing!

  7. Shared on Twitter 🙂

  8. So cool! I love this idea for so many reasons- my hat is off to Rewined. The pinot noir and cabernet are calling my name.

  9. Shared on Pinterest!

  10. I pinned the Rewined Candles on my “For the Home” Pinterest board!

  11. I pinned it before I even knew that was an extra entry option! Clearly, I’m awesome. 🙂

  12. I tweeted it.

  13. Ivy "pickmepickme" Donovan says:

    Sauvignon Blanc sounds amazing. Actually, they all do. I have just discovered and fallen in love with your website / store.

  14. Leisure Goddess says:


    ** AKA Bobbi Michelle (@LeisureGoddess)

  15. Leisure Goddess says:

    TWEET ON TWITTER FROM @LeisureGoddess

  16. Sounds like Pinot Noir would be amazing!

  17. Pinned the Giveaway on Pinterest!

  18. Tweeted about the giveaway as well!

  19. Debb Lou says:

    I can’t decide… it’s too hard… how about a nice glass of each one…. Pinot Grigio

  20. Debb Lou says:

    I also pinned on Pinterest …. love your site… thanks for the chance to win some beautiful candles.

  21. Alyssa F says:

    Merlot would be awesome!

  22. Ooh, love the Cabernet or Pinot Noir!

  23. Gricelda Castro says:

    Sangria or pinot noir.
    greaseballs80 at yahoo dot com

  24. Pinot noir for me!!!!!!

  25. Riesling!

  26. Ok, these look super yummy. Sign me up for cabernet or sangria. Please and thank you. 🙂

  27. Pinned that biznass on Pinterest, too.

  28. I think my favorite would be Sangria.

  29. I think you Carbonny Candle sounds heavenly. Please enter me in your giveaway. I think you blog is fabulous and I love your shop.

  30. I will also pin you on Pinterest.

  31. Rachel Crowder says:

    Cabernet is most intriguing, however they all sound delicious!

  32. Rachel Crowder says:

    What a find! I have pinned this onto Pinterest…I believe I would need an arsenal of these lovelies to blend fragrances throughout the house and change preferences seasonally.

  33. These look so lovely!! But the Cabernet intrigued me the most. That is the one I would have to smell up close and personal.

  34. AND I tweeted about it, @cowpunkmom


  35. Would love to have the Sauvignon Blanc – Fresh Mown Grass, Basil, Mint, and Grapefruit. Sounds like a wonderful summer scent!


  36. Sangria…hands down fave! (Love your shop!)

  37. merlot

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