Winter Tablescaping for an Intimate Wedding

We had a fun start to the New Year! At the last minute we were asked to host an intimate wedding for good friends of ours. I was thrilled! The bride really wanted the event to be low key and not “weddingy” at all. (They are planning on a large celebration in the spring when the weather gets warmer.) I totally get that, but you know me, I wasn’t going to pull out paper plates and paper napkins…I mean, it was a wedding after all! So, I decided to “decorate for the winter” in my home. Since my dining room was going to be the best place for the ceremony, I started with my dining room table.

I started by putting my grandmother’s cream, hand embroidered table cloth on the table.

Then added layers, starting with my Anthropologie Table Runner that my husband gave me for Christmas. (I know! He’s a keeper!)

Then I added the wooden table runner that Devon made me. I’m totally in love with it’s rustic, unfinished details. This runner adds just a little height so I can add more layers under and over it.

I added vintage, glitter garland that has just the right glint of silver and hint of pink, over and under the wooden runner.

Nothing says romance winter, like candlelight. This grouping of candles has one thing in common, their all made of glass…tapers made with clear glass, votives made of gilded glass, a crystal votive holder. They all catch and cast the light in different places.

When creating layers on a table, add levels as well. I can appreciate the perfectly balanced tablescape, but I’m a lover of eclectic and interesting…different textures, tones and mediums. I added in glittery leaves, an old doily, a snow velvet acorn and glittery mini pine cones.

The scene was set…

for a beautiful, simple, “non-weddingy” wedding.

Now, what to make for dessert that kept with the theme? I’ll share tomorrow….but, want to venture a guess?


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