Woodberry Kitchen

If you ever visit Baltimore, or if you live in Baltimore and you’ve never visited Woodberry Kitchen…you must! Woodberry is unique to the Baltimore food scene. Owners Spike and Amy have built a farm to table food culture right in the heart of our city. Their commitment to stay local is changing the way Baltimore sees it’s resources. We always knew we had Eastern Shore Crabs. I think crab cakes are on every menu in Baltimore. Devon and I use to joke, that every menu in Baltimore had variations of the exact same offerings. Years ago we’d leave our city in search of good eats. Washington DC and Philly sure were cooking things up, but here in Baltimore, well, the locals aren’t keen to change. We’re a city who likes things just the way they are.

Then we saw some food innovators begin to make their way on the scene. They stepped out into uncharted territory and dared to create menus not centered on MD Crab Cakes. I’ll never forget the first time we visited Tapas Teatro. We began to feel the undercurrent of change.

We searched for it. You see, when we owned Jahva House, we were offering a full vegetarian menu that was created with Devon’s classical french training. We had pita pizzas like the Artist’s Heart topped with artichoke tapanade, sundried tomatoes, hearts of palm and a chiffonade of basil. This was over 13 years ago. We carried Boylan’s sodas and rooibus tea before it made it to the gourmet grocery aisles. We were constantly looking for the unique and creative in our food.

Last month, when Baker Boy turned 15, his one request was to go to Woodberry Kitchen for dinner. We went with my in laws.

The colors on every plate were vibrant, signaling the package of flavor each bite carried.

Each plate was thoughtfully assembled in such a way that our local products did not take the back seat, but were the essence of each dish.

The whole atmosphere made Baker Boy smile the entire evening. He’s like his mama, he doesn’t miss the details. He was taking in everything.

The service was educated and unpretentious, welcoming and comfortable.

And dessert…

let’s just say, it was the icing on the cake.

Thank you Woodberry Kitchen for a wonderful meal and for helping to change the landscape of the restaurant scene in Baltimore.
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