Working From Home

The last few weeks have been busy for us! LoveFeast Shop is bursting with new products, Velvet Plush Pumpkins, Pink Antlers, Hand Screen Printed Dish Towels and NEW pieces of furniture.

Chris Ann and I have been busy, with our work days ending around midnight.

Our families are adjusting and kicking in extra help around the home…well, most of them are.

The youngest one is helping out in other creative ways. He’s been busy pimping my Work Space.

I mean, who isn’t inspired by The Justice League and fluffy, fleece blankets?

Let alone little red heads who camp out under a desk?

He was careful to rearrange all of my stacks of paper. He’s on board with my mission: organization and creativity!

I just smiled, embraced the moment and worked in my newly decorated work space…ok, truth be told, I stifled my urge to clean it up and actually worked like this for 48 hours.

How about you? How do you survive working from home?