A Night Out With Our Peeps

So, we (a group of five gals who went out to catch up, take a break from kids and husbands), drink a few cold ones and nosh a bit) just got back from the Yellow Dog Tavern.  My Lagunitas IPA was hitting the spot!  CA kicked back a cold Stella.  We ordered a round of appetizers (up to three, on Tuesdays are half off) and sat back to enjoy a time of catching up and taking a breather.  The pommes frites were a hit!  The mussels were tasty and tender!  Our waiter, Alex recommended the Kobe beef sliders and they were a perfect split between a few of us!  Alex was personable and attentive.  The night was turning out to be perfect.  We got our check…lingered a bit…signed our credit receipts…lingered (ok a bit too long)…finished our stories…THEN,  the boss lady came up and gave us the look of “time to go”…the heat went off…and we quickly felt we were being swept out the door.  Now, mind you, there were still a number of people in the bar, but they wanted the upstairs cleared.  It was a lovely evening, good food, much needed conversation and a friendly waiter…too bad it had to end on a note of “non” hospitality.  It may be just enough to make us not want to return.

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