Yep Yifta Time Again


Word on the street, is that some of our readers, especially those in southern Minnesota are wanting the recipe for Yifta.  Now, that’s a complicated order.  ‘Cause for one thing it is a secret family recipe.  For another thing, you can only get the recipe if you join our family’s Thanksgiving table and pass the quiz of guessing what the ingredients of Yifta are.  Then, you have to promise to eat it for breakfast for the following week after you make it.

If, and only if I can trust you with at least that last item, eating it for breakfast, you are probably worthy of getting the recipe.  An added vote in your favor would be if you had say perhaps, voted for us in the Mobbies this year.  What?  You did?  Well, then, I guess I’ll give it to you.  But, first pinky swear you’ll vote again next year…..cause a little bird told us that Strawberries in Paris is going to go bizerk with campaigning over this thing next year….and well, like it’s never too early to let our readers know we are going to, like… need your votes again… year.  Right, Dara?

So here is the recipe.  Again, preparing this is complicated…anything could happen to botch this up.  For instance you could get the ingredients placed out of order, say like if you’re not paying attention.  Or, if you are a little messy the ingredients could smear together, creating a non-pretty-layering-effect.  Another thing that could go wrong is that you could forget to take your dish selection seriously. It is crucial- I repeat crucial- to make Yifta in a glass bowl. Using say a dark red bowl and thinking it’s going to be Christmas-y and all, but then totally wasting the layering effect, will just say that your Yifta making is amateur and of less quality than that of the glass bowl variety.  You have to know what you are doing when it comes to making Yifta.  But, since many of our readers are very loyal…and perhaps the ones requesting this recipe a little more loyal than normal..readers that voted us up to the top of the Mobbies!  What????  That was awesome and we thank you!!  Seriously…if you are going to do math all day though….don’t you like need a little artsy break to rest like the left side of your brain and all?  I would say yes.  At any rate, all you southern Minnesota math-y types or friend of math-y type people, here is the recipe you requested.  Any other readers, who happen to read this recipe, you are like sworn to secrecy AND you have to vote for us next year at the Mobbies.  Ok, pinky swear.  Ok, then, here’s the recipe.  Follow it closely and adhere to all guidelines.


1st Layer:  Whipped Cream (about 2 Cups)

2nd Layer:  Saltines (about 2 rolls)

3rd Layer:  Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce (about 2 cans)

Notes:  Whipped Cream cannot under any circumstances be replaced with Cool Whip.  This would compromise the integrity of this recipe.  Cool whip is cheating.  I am sure you are not or have never been a Cool Whip Cheater.  The Saltines.  I use Premium brand.  Why?  Because this dish is a premium dessert.  Cranberry Sauce.  Use only canned whole cranberry sauce.  If you try to go high end and do something ridiculous here like make homemade and/or relish-y type cranberry sauce you will totally and completely botch this up.  The recipe says Cranberry Sauce, use canned.  Don’t stray.  Stay authentic.  It will work.  Fer’ Sure.

Do you have a top secret holiday specialty?  Share yours!


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