Hafta Have Yifta, Don’t-ya-know!


Thanksgiving dinner in our family would not be complete, don’t ya know, without a festive layered bowl of red and white Yifta.  The entire dinner conversation at my first Thanksgiving with my husband’s family was abowt Yifta.  The mystery of Yifta, I was told, begins with the mysterious transformation of three simple ingredients to heavenly cakey delight, overnight, covered in the fridge.  What are the three top secret ingredients in Yifta?  Have you ever tried Yifta?  Who makes the Yifta?  Where did the Yifta come from?  Is it a dessert?  Is it a side?  and so on….By the time the Yifta came my way, I was pretty sure this was going to be a deal maker or breaker on whether I would be excepted into the Fam.  So, nervously, I scooped my first fluffy mouthful of Yifta.  Creamy, yes, that would be whipped cream.  Tart and red, of course cranberries.   But, what was that other ingredient?  The excitement grew.  Could I ever guess?  Cake?  Bisquick?  Nuts?  They all glowed with pride, saltines!  Yep!  Dese are the ingredients!  Whipped cream, canned whole cranberries, and crushed saltines.  Layer and chill over night.  And, Yifta fer breakfast the next day?  You betcha!   Is there anything bedder?  Nope.  Ya just can’t eat it on a stick Uff-da-my-ah!


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