Hot Banana Boat Dessert

Banana in da fire

What’s in your fire?  Hopefully, hot melted Banana Boats!  You can see ours above, wrapped in tinfoil,  baking in the warmth of the coals.  Here is a treat you can make today.  This is what you need:

Bananas, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and a professional hand model.  (We chose one from across the street, but you’ll have to get what where you can.)  Only a professional hand model can remove hot bananas from hot burning coals.  If you don’t have one.  Don’t make this dessert.  And, stop reading this post now, because you’ll just be jealous.  If you have access to a professional hand model, gather your ingredients, make your fire, and continue reading.

This is our professional hand model’s daughter’s hands below.  She is in training.   She is not yet allowed to place her hand into the fire to retrieve her hot Banana Boat.  But, one day, just like her mother she will grow into this skill and be very useful.   Here you can see her filling the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows within the carefully opened banana.  Just one slit down the middle.  Observe.

Then, after that the bananas are wrapped up in tinfoil and placed  in the coals of the fire and cooked  until the ingredients are melted and little caramelized.  In other words; hot, rich, and gooey.  It is very normal at this point for anyone waiting around for their bananas, to feel like stuffing their face with the extra marshmallow ingredients.

Again, make sure you have a roaring fire.

Then, have your sequestered hand model remove the fiercely hot molten bananas from the fire like so.

Our professional hand model was also a girl scout leader.  It doesn’t hurt to get a model with a fire badge of some sort.  Check your hand model’s credentials.

This is the outcome.  A fireside feast of sweetness.

We think peanut butter would also be good thing to add.  What else?  Let your imagination run wild!  Report back to us.


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    Hot Banana Boat Dessert