Join us at the LoveFeast Table! Cheers!

The Beginning, Cheers to Love Feast Table!

Here we are!  Four friends toasting the beginning of our blog:  The Love Feast Table.  The purpose of our blog is to begin a discussion that we hope spreads about friends and family, and gathering at the table around good food, and of course life’s adventures!  We have had so many amazing memories around the table, many of those times we thought too good not to share!  So, we are going to begin a conversation about these memories, past, present, and hopefully future!  We are hoping you, the reader, will come join us at our table, sit down, and share your lives as well.   We want to hear your LoveFeast stories about how you live,  and the meals you share with your family and friends, and what makes a meal a memory for you!



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