Fancy Friday Best Of 2010


Welcome to our Fancy Friday Best of 2010.  My personal favorite of the year was Kristin’s Fancy Friday Black And White.  There were pictures from our travels to Italy, as well as Kristin’s travels to Africa.  I thought it was beautiful and inspirational.

africa four 079

Fancy Friday Black And White

Some of my favorite Fancy Friday’s have been collaborations between Kristin and me.  Fancy Friday Lemon Zest and Fancy Friday Frontiers were like that.  I loaded the pictures that I liked but ran out of time to create a story.  Kristin came in, looked at the photos and created a story.  It was fun to see the artful sometimes funny post created out of our collaboration.

yellow lamp on wood

Fancy Friday Lemon Zest

In Fancy Friday Frontiers, it was a little tongue in cheek.  It’s not everyday that you see my family from suburbia, gun slinging.  We only gun-sling on our out wild west yearly Colorado family vacation.  And, then even the toddlers are slingin’ guns.  Kristin added a patriotic Fourth of July worthy quote from, John F. Kennedy that fit the stream of pictures in a humorous way and made me chuckle all the way from the mountains! (That’s my 4th born (look out!).  She might be a match for one of Ree’s young sons!  And, that’s me shooting a gun for my first time under Uncle Tony’s watchful eye.)



Fancy Friday Frontiers

We started Fancy Fridays in October of 2009.  It was inspiration from our desk…we wanted to share a bit of all the little scraps of pieces and things we say that inspires us:  colors, art, graffiti, food and travel.  And, we wanted welcome other bloggers to be able to link up and share their creativity and inspiration too.  You can find out how to do that at our page created just for Fancy Friday.

If you wanted to see more, here’s Fancy Friday Best Of 2009.


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