Happy New Year!

This is how we chill it, Minnesota style–out in a snowbank in sub degree temps!!  We are having a cozy New Year’s, in this year.  We are thinking about our friends far and wide, friends that we have rung in many a more festive New Years with…but, we are content and cozy in our home awaiting our crack into this very nice sparkling wine.  Kristin & Devon are celebrating in their home with a couple of our other dear friends and at some point we will ching our glasses to the receiver of the telephone like we have for quite a few years rounding in the New Year from here to Maryland.  We are excited for our next year at the Love Feast Table and all that we will share together on this journey.  We’ve had visitors from Japan, Germany, England, Italy and many other countries, according to our statistics!  Mind blowing for three months out!  So, we thank you for visiting us and welcome you to continue to come along as we enter a new year together!

Wishing you a Happy New Year from Devon & Kristin, Todd & Chris Ann at the Love Feast Table.



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