Nana’s Jewelry

I remember when my great grandmother passed away. I was about 9 years old. My mom and grandmother were clearing out her apartment and they came across Nana’s jewelry box. With the expensive pieces taken out, my mom said, “Go ahead and pick out one piece for you to keep.” I thought I’d hit a gold mine! I found a dainty silver necklace with an oval charm filled with diamonds and a pearl. I secretly thought this precious piece had been overlooked when the valuable pieces had been removed. I figured my mom and her sisters didn’t really know for sure that these weren’t real diamonds and pearls. Of course, when it really came down to it, it didn’t matter to me that they weren’t real, it was still a treasure. 

We think every girl should have a piece of heirloom jewelry. Now what that means to each woman, could be totally different. Personally, we love a piece that tells a story or a piece that reflects a far off place we visited or a gift that’s been passed on from one generation to the next, like this Star Sapphire ring that belonged to my mom.

Star sapphire ring

Here are a few other questions you could ask yourself when deciding on your heirloom piece:

*What is your signature style?

*What’s important to you, classic or unique?

*How much are you willing to spend?

*Does it make you happy?

*Does it evoke a memory of a loved one, travel or a moment?

We are busy discovering new pieces to add to LoveFeast Shop. One beautiful piece that just SOLD, was our “few of a kind” Tiffany Ball Necklace. (We have a few more left!)


We have a few more left!

Here are a few other current pieces offered in the LoveFeast Shop:

Mother's Tree Of Life - Gold

Mother’s Tree of Life in Gold


Pearls on Leather

Periodically we will be adding one of a kind pieces, because we think each girl has her own unique vision for an heirloom piece. So, keep your eyes open for that item that speaks to your heart.


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