Tablescaping for a Skater Brother


Last fall we took a him in.  He’s a good kid who had too many curve balls thrown his way.  He needed a break.  We hoped our home would be the break he needed.  Our kids quickly opened up their hearts and rooms to him and let him in.  Little Man calls him his brother.  Drama Boy calls him, “His brother from another mother.”

Recently he turned 18.  We helped throw a party for him.  Wanting to honor his passions without belittling him with youthful decorations, I came up with this.


DSC_0123_01 DSC_0131_01

Throughout last year, when we LoveBombed him and his friends at the skatepark, I collected the broken decks.  I have stacks of them under my porch.  We turned some into tables.  But, I have many more ideas in mind…now all I need is a little time.

For his party, I put a piece of chalkboard painted plywood on the center of my table.  In graffiti style, I wrote Happy 18th Birthday.  I just layered broken skateboard decks and put purple votives on top and around them.


Keeping with an urban theme, I pulled out bottle caps we had and put them around a candle.


Sometimes with tablescaping, less is more.  I wanted to show him we cared about what he cared about, without going overboard and trying too hard.  I wanted the evening to be edited and yet thoughtful.

He requested steak and shrimp.  So, we fired up the grill…

DSC_0154_01 DSC_0157_01

sauteed shrimp with beer and Old Bay…and enjoyed the evening with his family and friends.


Who would’ve thought we’d still be LoveBomb-ing these boys in our own home…welcoming them completely into our lives.  Happy Birthday Brother.


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