Fancy Friday~Summer Cocktail


It’s that time of year again.  It’s the time when we “theme” our summer.  Part of  “themeing” our summer, is adding a summer cocktail to the mix.  It’s a tradition that began in Italy and it is a part of how we roll. There’s something about summer that ushers in a chance to revitalize, re-envision and rest.  Sure we know that the summer brings kids running through the house all day long, prepping pool bags and packing countless snacks for the day and trying to keep everyone from being bored.  Part of our strategy is the summer cocktail.

Now, don’t judge us.  We are not the types of moms that believe the cocktail is the only way to make it through a day…we see it as a bonus…a little accessory of sorts that puts an accent on a summer day.

Last year, Greg from Sippity Sup created a LoveFeast Tickled Pink cocktail.  It was yummy.

This year, my husband Devon, created a new drink.  It’s not too sweet and incredibly refreshing.  We’ve decided to call it the New Horizon’s Cocktail.  It fits, don’t you think?  The summer of New Horizons and… this is where we need your help.  Is it the summer of New Horizons and Happiness? Hospitality? Hilarity? Hollywood?  Help! Would you please give us your opinion and we will share with you our recipe for the New Horizons Cocktail.


New Horizons Cocktail

by Devon Potler

3 oz. guava juice

2 oz. grapefruit juice

1 1/2 oz. vodka

1/2 oz. orange liquor

1 oz. San Pelligrino

Mix all the above together and pour over crushed ice.  Enjoy with a friend!


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